Students participating in an outdoor class

At UC Davis, the International & Academic English program helps you succeed in your studies by providing you with language courses and summer intensive programs, coordinating with academic advising, and offering other support. We are here to make your academic life at the university as rewarding as possible.

Welcome to UC Davis!

What's New

International TA Testing & Training:

TOEP Info Sessions - Winter 2017:
Thursday, March 9, 2017:  12-1 pm
Friday, March 10, 2017:  1-2 pm

International TA Workshops

Focus on Consonant Sounds
January 31, 2017: 3-5pm

Partners in Acquiring Language (PAL)

PAL Meet, Greet & Treats!!
Thursday, 2/23/17:  4:00-6:00pm
1310 The Grove