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Self-Study Resources


Duolingo: Android iPhone

Mango Languages: Android iPhone

Phonetics: The Sounds of American English
TA Communication Skills

MIT's The User-friendly Classroom Series

Signal Phrases for Classes


Book: Teaching American Students: A Guide for International Faculty and Teaching Assistants in Colleges and Universities (Third Edition) by Ellen Sarkisian. ISBN: 978-0674021419

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Campus Resources

First Friends Program for Graduate and Professional Students

This new program is designed to assist international, domestic, professional and undocumented graduate students with integration into the UC Davis campus and U.S. academic culture by connecting entering first-year graduate students with a continuing graduate student mentor.

This program is organized by UC Davis Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS). You can find more information here: http://siss.ucdavis.edu/programs_and_activities/for-students/graduate/first_friends_program.html

UC Davis Teaching Assistant Consulting (TAC) Program

The TAC Program provides workshops and consultations to help TAs be effective teachers. This program is organized by the UC Davis Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE). You can find more information here: http://cee.ucdavis.edu/teaching-support/become-tac.html.