TA Communication Skills: Seminar (6 sessions)

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In this seminar, participants will work on the skills they’ll need to be effective communicators in different situations they will encounter as graduate students and TAs.

Participants will learn strategies for building rapport with students, leading discussion sections, handling student questions, modifying language for the situation, and creating inclusive classrooms. They will also have the opportunity to practice these strategies with undergraduate students during the seminar.

  • Week 1: Foundations for TA-Student Communication
  • Week 2: Leading a Discussion Section
  • Week 3: Handling Student Questions
  • Week 4: Modifying Language in Requests, Refusals, and Constructive Feedback
  • Week 5: Creating Inclusive Classrooms
  • Week 6: Role Playing with Undergraduate Students

Fall 2018 Schedule

Wednesdays: October 3, October 10, October 17, October 24, October 31, November 7

2:10 - 4:00 p.m.

1310 The Grove (Surge III)