ITA Workshops & Seminars

ITA Workshops & Seminars

Spring 2019 ITA Workshops & Seminars

Seminar Schedule

There will be four multi-session seminars offered in Spring 2019. The scheduled dates and times for each seminar will be based on the availability of students who indicate their interest in that seminar in the registration form (above). Students should register by the end of the second week of the quarter if they would like their availability to be considered in the seminar schedule. The arranged times will be emailed to students who registered and posted on this website later.

Updates in Spring 2019

The content and activities in the seminars have been revised for Spring 2019, so students who have participated in past seminars may benefit from taking them again.

Selection of Seminars

Students can request an appointment to meet with IAE Graduate Program Coordinator Emily Montgomery to discuss seminar recommendations based on their needs and goals.

Fluency Workshops

Fluency-building workshops will also be scheduled later in the quarter.

Building Communication Skills for TAs

In this seminar, students will learn about and practice communication topics relevant to TAs: question handling, TA-student interactions, office hours, discussions, and more. Emphasis will be placed on the language used to effectively handle these situations and promote student understanding. This seminar is strongly recommended for new TAs.

Duration: 6 weeks

Mastering American English Pronunciation

In this seminar, students will learn about the rules and conventions of American English pronunciation. The first sessions will focus on individual consonant and vowel sounds in English and help participants to distinguish between those sounds when listening and produce them when speaking. Later weeks build on this foundation and address syllable stress, thought groups, sentence stress, and intonation.

Duration: 6 weeks

Mastering Your Presentation Skills

In this seminar, students will work on organization, audience awareness, presentation delivery, and more to help them deliver effective presentations as TAs and beyond. Participants will apply what they've learned and present at an event at the end of the seminar.

Duration: 5 weeks

Vocabulary Building

In this seminar, participants will learn about and put into practice strategies for vocabulary development. Time will be spent reviewing and learning words through interactive games and activities. All participants must commit to keeping and reviewing a vocabulary log during the quarter.

Duration: 5 weeks