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  • UWP 391 - Oral English for International Graduate Students —3 units (formerly called LIN 391). This course is designed for international graduate students and teaching assistants who aim to improve their communication skills and comprehensibility when speaking in English.  The course covers pronunciation as well as language needed for effective teaching, presenting, and interacting in the university environment (including giving presentations, presenting research results, explaining field-based concepts and visual material, participating in and leading discussions, and conversing effectively). Students receive extensive opportunities to speak and increase fluency and accuracy as well as improve listening comprehension. The course is highly recommended to international teaching assistants and students who need to pass the Test of Oral English Proficiency (TOEP). 
  • UWP 226 Writing for International Graduate Students - 3-units (formerly LIN 26). This writing course is designed for students whose primary language is not English. Course topics include academic literacy, genre awareness and analysis, production of authentic texts, portfolio/project development, and reflective writing practices. UWP 226 is one of the courses that can be used to meet the First Year Course Requirement. UWP 226 is offered in Winter and Spring Quarters.
  • UWP 225 English for International Graduate Students - 4-units (formerly LIN 25). This multi-skills course is designed to help international graduate students improve their writing, speaking, listening, reading, and understanding of American academic culture as needed for successful academic work at UC Davis.  UWP 225 is one of the courses that can be used to meet the First Year Course Requirement. UWP 225 is offered Fall and Winter Quarters.

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