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Test of Oral English Proficiency (TOEP)


The Test of Oral English Proficiency (TOEP) is an exam used to determine whether prospective TAs have met the TA/AI Language Requirement. It is a 20-minute classroom simulation in which test takers introduce themselves to a class, highlight key information from a sample course document, and deliver a mini-lesson on an academic topic of their choice.

TOEP Schedule

The TOEP is offered on multiple dates at the end of every quarter. Registration opens a couple weeks before the first exam date of each term. The below table shows the approximate timing for each quarter.

  Registration Opens Test Dates
Summer Early August Mid-August until the Friday before Fall classes begin
Fall Early November Late November through Mid-December
Winter Mid-February Early March until Spring Break
Spring Early May Late May through Early June

If you are trying to schedule an appointment and all of the appointments are full, we will add more appointments if you give us at least a two-week notice of your need for testing. So, make sure to register early so that we have time to make arrangements if needed.

If you would like to receive an email when registration opens for future exam periods, please join our email list.

TOEP Results

Results are generally available within one week and are emailed to the test taker and entered in a university database where hiring departments can view them. There are three possible scores: Pass, Conditional Pass, and Fail.

Test takers receive sub-scores in six different categories: Phonetic and Phonological Competence, Fluency and Speech Flow, Grammatical Competence, Lexical Competence, Rhetorical Organization, and Question Handling. For an overview of each category, please watch the TOEP info videos at the top of this page.

Students with Disabilities

Please contact us at if you have a documented disability and need accommodations during the TOEP. Test takers generally stand for the duration of the 20-minute exam, but sitting is also an option. Just notify the staff when you check in if you would like a chair. For more information about disability services, please visit the UC Davis Student Disability Center.