Test of Oral English Proficiency (TOEP)

Register for the TOEP

Registration for pre-Fall TOEP (late August through September 2021) is now closed. The TOEP will be offered next at the end of Fall Quarter. If you would like to receive an email when registration opens for future exam periods, please join our email list.

If you are hoping to have a TA position in Fall 2021 and need to take the TOEP but have not registered for an exam yet, please contact Emily Montgomery so that she can let you know if there are any TOEP cancellations on 9/17-9/21. 

Updates due to COVID-19

1. Conditional Eligibility Temporarily Extended.

This update affects students who have received a Conditional Pass on the TOEP. These students are conditionally eligible to hold TA/AI positions and, under normal conditions, they are only permitted to work as a TA/AI for up to two quarters. While campus instruction is primarily online, the two-quarter limit should be waived. Conditionally eligible students working as TAs/AIs are still required to complete concurrent English instruction during the quarters they work as TAs/AIs.

2. TOEP Online.

The TOEP will be offered online until further notice. Details about modifications to the online format are included in the TOEP Overview Online Supplement. All test takers should review the regular TOEP Overview as well as the TOEP Overview Online Supplement prior to the exam. All test takers have the opportunity to attend a 50-minute TOEP practice session with a Language & Culture Coach. It is strongly recommended that all test takers take advantage of this opportunity so they can practice delivering the exam in an online format. 

3. Limited End-of-Winter Quarter 2020 TOEP.

All TOEP exams scheduled for March 14-20 were rescheduled or cancelled. Students who were scheduled to test March 14-20 were permitted to use the same document for TOEP part 2 during Spring 2020 testing.

TOEP Information Series

Watch the TOEP Information Series to learn more about the TOEP like what test takers need to do to prepare, what happens during the test, how the test is scored, and more.

TOEP Scheduling Guidelines

  • Students must register for the TOEP at least one week prior to the exam date. Registration closes seven days before each exam date.
  • The TOEP is offered at the end of each quarter.
  • It is recommended that students take the TOEP as early as possible and not wait until the quarter before they want to work as a TA.
  • TOEP Registration is first come, first served. Students who register early will have the best opportunity to find a time that works the best for their schedules. IAE cannot accommodate every student's individual schedule, so students need to plan ahead and register for the TOEP as early as possible. Students who join the IAE grad email list will receive an email notification the day the exam schedule is published.
  • TOEP scores are made available to all test takers and their departments about a week after the test date.

Students with Disabilities

Please contact us at iae@ucdavis.edu if you have a documented disability and need accommodations during the TOEP.

Test takers generally stand for the duration of the 20-minute exam, but sitting is also an option. Just notify the staff when you check in if you would like a chair.

For more information about disability services, please visit the UC Davis Student Disability Center.