Removing Holds


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why did I receive a hold?
  • You received a hold on your account from our department for one of two reasons: you are required to take the ELPE and have not done so yet. Or you have not been in contact with International & Academic English regarding your English language testing requirements.
  • How can I remove this hold?
  • Fill out the questionnaire linked above and answer the questions as accurately as possible. Then follow the instructions given. We will remove your hold within 2 business days of receiving your submission.
  • I have satisfied the Entry Level Writing Requirement already with test scores or course grades. Why did I receive this hold?
  • It is likely that these scores/transcripts had not yet been processed by Admissions at the time that this hold was placed on your account. The linked questionnaire will ask you whether you have received these scores or grades and will give you specific instructions based on your circumstances. We will remove this hold within two business days of your submission.