FAQs for Incoming Students Fall 2022

  • When can I take the TOEP?
  • Students starting their program in Fall 2022 will be able to take the TOEP in the weeks prior to the start of the Fall Quarter. Exams will be offered throughout September. Registration for these exams will be open later in the summer. To receive an email when TOEP registration opens, please join the IAE grad email list.
  • Am I eligible to work as a TA? Do I need to take the TOEP?
  • Please review the ways to meet the TA Language Proficiency Requirement here. If you have not yet met the TA Language Proficiency Requirement, you can take the TOEP to demonstrate your eligibility.
  • I have an undergraduate degree from an English-medium institution, so I'm eligible to work as a TA, right?
  • If you completed your undergraduate degree at an institution that lists English as the only language of instruction in the World Higher Education Database, you have met the TA Language Proficiency Requirement. Please record your information in the TA Language Requirement App a few weeks prior to the start of your program. This will confirm your status toward meeting the requirement and also make that information available to UC Davis departments who may want to hire you as a TA. If you are not able to access the TA Language Requirement App yet, wait until later in the summer and then try again.
  • The language of instruction for my undergraduate studies was English, but my institution isn't listed in the WHED as being English only. Can I send you some documentation to confirm my degree was taught only in English?
  • No. Generally the WHED is the only tool used for this verification, so please plan to take the TOEP to demonstrate your English proficiency if you haven't met the requirement in one of the other ways.