Updates to Grad Programs in Spring 2020

We’re updating the format for IAE’s English language support for multilingual graduate students in Spring 2020. The primary goals are to:

  1. Create more flexible learning opportunities,
  2. Better integrate group, one-on-one, and online instruction, and
  3. Provide additional student feedback.

What's different?

Moving forward, ITA Seminars will be integrated into Language & Culture Coaching. All program participants will enroll in Language & Culture Coaching, which will include four separate tracks. The specific tracks a student participates in will be based on their needs and situation and determined with the instructor at the start of the quarter. 

summary of tracks

If you cannot see the table above, please click here for a PDF version.

Which track(s) can I participate in?

The answer depends on a few different factors. If you are a UCD visiting scholar or post-doc, you are welcome to participate in Tracks 2-4 without enrolling in a course. Just complete the registration form on the Language & Culture Coaching page.

If you are required to complete English instruction, you need to complete at least two of the tracks to meet the requirements for working as a TA with a conditional pass on the TOEP or for retaking the TOEP.

If you are not required to complete English instruction, you may choose the option(s) that you are most interested in.

track options

Please note that the exact format of Spring 2020 programs may slightly differ if there are updates regarding coronavirus. Please refer to https://www.ucdavis.edu/coronavirus/ for campus-wide announcements. Any updates to IAE's programming will be posted here on the IAE website.