Grammar Review: Prepositions of Time (at/in/on)

August 05, 2020

Choosing the correct preposition can be tricky in English since there are three different prepositions commonly used in expressions of time: at, in, and on. 

Fortunately, using the wrong preposition of time probably won't lead to misunderstandings, so if you say "at Tuesday" instead of "on Tuesday," people will still understand you. But, students commonly ask us for help with these prepositions, so here is a quick overview!

You can practice using the sentences below!


Focus on Grammar: Seminar (3 sessions)


In this seminar, students will work on improving their control and accuracy of grammatical forms. Topics covered will be based entirely on the needs of the students attending the workshop, but possible topics include passive voice, verb tenses, nouns and articles, conditionals, and clauses. Prior to the first session, participants will complete a survey to determine their needs and the topics covered in the seminar. Time will be spent reviewing form and use of different grammatical forms with lots of practice and feedback.