Test-Related Terms

Do you know the common expressions used for talking about different types of test questions or exam policies? Use the test below to check your knowledge and help you learn some ways to describe exams.

High-Frequency Phrasal Verbs

To help you practice and review phrasal verbs, we've divided the Phrasal Verb (PHaVE) List compiled by Garnier & Schmitt (2015) into 10 Quizlet practice sets with 15 phrasal verbs each. Only the most common meaning(s) for each phrasal verb are given.

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs (like look up and find out) present many challenges to non-native English speakers. In this article, we'll review those challenges, offer some tips to help you handle them, and share activities and resources for helping you improve your mastery of these verbs.

Challenge #1: They're Hard to Recognize

Phrasal verbs can be hard to recognize since they are composed of two or more components, a main verb + one or more particles.

break down = break (main verb) + down (particle)