UC Davis Jargon

We use acronyms, abbreviations, and special names for many campus terms. Being familiar with these terms can help you communicate with others on campus.


ARC: Activities and Recreation Center
CAES: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
CBS: College of Biological Sciences
COE: College of Engineering
COHO: Coffee House (in Memorial Union)
CRN: Course Record Number
DC: Dining Commons
Deathstar: Social Sciences and Humanities Building
ELWR: Entry Level Writing Requirement
ENG: Engineering
Fatal Hold: A hold that prohibits a student from many campus services
FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (1974)
GE: General Education
GPA: Grade Point Average
I (for grades): Incomplete
I-House: International House (Davis community organization)
L&S: College of Letters & Science
MU: Memorial Union
P/NP: Pass/No Pass
PTA: Permission to Add
PTD: Permission to Drop
T/R: Tuesday/Thursday
SASC: Student Academic Success Center
SID: Student I.D.
SISS: Services for International Students and Scholars
TA: Teaching Assistant