The Pal Program

Pal Program

Winter 2020 registration will open December 16th.

The Pal Program pairs up UC Davis undergraduate students for intercultural conversation experiences. Participants can use these sessions to increase their intercultural awareness, practice a target language, and develop friendships. Register today to meet peers from around the world!


  • Be an actively enrolled UC Davis undergraduate student
  • Be available for at least one hour per week to meet with a partner

How it works:

  • Fill out a quick registration form with your preferences and availability
  • When a suitable partner becomes available, we will email you with your partner's contact information
  • Contact your partner right away to plan your first meet up
  • Review our "Tips for Success" and "FAQ" pages for meetup ideas and answers to common questions

Earn Course Credit

EDU 198: Intercultural Communication for Pals

Intercultural Communication for Pals is a course offered to Pal Program participants who choose to meet with two assigned Pals throughout the quarter. Objectives include self-awareness, goal setting, reflective writing, and ultimately, a higher level of intercultural competence through consistent in-person interactions with students from different cultures, countries, and/or language groups.

Follow the instructions below to join the course:

  • Add the course for one unit to your fall schedule using the CRN listed below. Course seats are limited so add the course early to guarantee your spot.
 Winter 2020 CRN is 54077.
  • Register online to become a Pal. Indicate that you would like to be partnered twice and that you would like to earn course credit.
  • Avoid country and language preferences/requirements so you can be partnered quickly. Pals who have not been partnered twice by the end of week 2 will be asked to drop the course.
  • Receive two email notifications with your partners' contact information. We begin partnering at the beginning of the quarter, so you should receive your confirmation emails shortly thereafter. Reach out to your new partners using their preferred contact method. Wait 5 days for a response. If you do not receive a response or cannot find a mutually convenient time to meet, email us so we can re-partner you ASAP.
  • Meet with each Pal separately for one hour per week (total of two hours). You can schedule these meetups on your own time.
  • Complete a series of assignments throughout the quarter, including an online intercultural competence assessment, an in-person meeting, a goal setting assignment, a case study, and a final summary/evaluation essay. All assignment details and submissions can be found on Canvas. See the syllabus for more information.