Student Advisory Committee

Student Advisory Committee

The Pal Program is seeking experienced Pals to apply for our Student Advisory Committee. Learn more about the committee below!

What are the requirements?

  • Must have participated in the Pal Program for at least two quarters prior to applying
  • Must be available for 3 hours per quarter to help with events (total of 9 hours during the entire academic year)
  • Must attend quarterly meetings

How can I apply?

Fill out a short application here.

What do committee members do?

Members will assist in the creation, promotion, and implementation of Pal programming on campus. Specific examples of committee functions are listed below.

  • Quarterly Meetings
  • Events and Activities
    • Speak with prospective students at recruitment events
    • Brainstorm event ideas/themes
    • Help with event setup, implementation, and breakdown
  • Student Perspective
    • Offer insight on events, program structure, and communications
    • Propose solutions to programmatic issues
    • Create a more student-centered program

Why should I join?

  • Acquire valuable, real world skills like leadership, presenting, mentoring, and event planning and promotion.
  • Globalize your campus. Help create a friendlier, more inclusive campus that aligns with UC Davis’ Principles of Community.
  • It’s fun! The Pal Program will be hosting and participating in a wide variety of events and activities for participants throughout the year, which will provide an opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world.