UC Davis Acronyms



Bio Sci Biological Sciences
CAES College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
CBS College of Biological Sciences
COE College of Engineering
CRN Course Record Number
ELPE English Language Placement Exam
ELWR English Language Writing Requirement
ENG Engineering
ESL English as a Second Language
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FERPA Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (1974)
GE General Education
GPA Grade Point Average
HEPB Hepatitus B Immunity Statement required for admissions
I (FOR A GRADE) Incomplete (temporary grade given for class for which students has not completed all assignments)
L&S Letters & Sciences
P/NP Pass/No Pass grade for a class (alternative to letter grade of A, B, C, D, F)
Pal Program Partners in Intercultural Exchange Program
PTA Permission to Add (a class, if you are late registering)
PTD Permission to Drop (a class)
T/R Tuesday/Thursday
SASC Student Academic Success Center
SD Subject to Disqualification 
SID Students I.D. (9-digit number assigned to each student upon entering UCD)
SIS/SISWEB Student Information System Website
SISS Services for International Students & Scholars
SIR Statement of Intent to Register
SJA Student Judicial Affairs
TA Teaching Assistant (graduate assistant hired to assist professor with lectures, workshops, etc.)